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Wtf kind of snake is this I need it??

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Micah Riot Tattoo - Fern Sleeve for Tara

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Yeah, so…one of my photos was featured in an interview with one of my favorite photographers ever! Check it out, loves!


Some of my photography work was featured in a new magazine designed to showcase the work of all sorts of creative types.

  • Hear the story of how I got into model photography
  • Find out what inspires me
  • Learn my secret recipe for success when working with models
  • See amazing models in action! Fox Chalker, Paradoxical Box, Helen Grace, Pure Rebel, Melissa Ann & Brooke Eva

I really enjoyed reading it and learning about other ‘makers’(that’s how I refer to creative types) and seeing their work. Be sure to check it out, you’ll be glad you did!


Photographer: Victoria Zeoli.

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This is so perfect

American Sex Education

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